Why have you decided that you would like to have a German shepherd dog?

Have you ever owned a dog before? If so what kind?

Have you done your research on this breed?

Please describe your level of dog experience.

Which characteristics of the German shepherd dog have drawn you to this breed?

Is there any specific purpose that you want this puppy for?

What kind of personality would you expect from your dog?

Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages?

Do you have other dogs / pets in your home?

If you have other pets, what kind and gender are they? Are they spayed / neutered?

Have you ever had to rehome a pet? If so, what was the circumstances?

Does anyone in your household have allergies?

Do you believe in crate training? Please list the reasons why you do or do not.

Are you interested in a male or female puppy?

What colour of German shepherd puppy would you like to have?

Would you take a different sex or colour if your first choice is unavailable in this litter?

Do you understand the amount of time and financial commitment that will be required to keep this dog for approximately the next 12-14 years?

Do you know the grooming requirements of a dog? If you are unable to do it yourself, are you willing to take your puppy / dog to a professional groomer to do it for you?

Do you rent or own your home?

Are you in an apartment / town home / condo / detached or rural property or other?

Are you permitted to have a German Shepherd dog where you reside?

Do you have a secure and properly fenced yard? If so, what is the height?

If you have a swimming pool, is it fenced off from the rest of the yard?

How many hours on average, will the puppy be left on its own during the day?

Is there someone available to feed and exercise the puppy during the day when you are not home?

Will the puppy be kept as an inside or outside dog?

How will the puppy be confined when he/she is outside?

Where will the puppy be kept when you are not at home?

Where will the puppy sleep?

Will you be attending puppy kindergarten or obedience classes?

Will the puppy be taken on family outings?

Do you have a plan for when you want to go on vacation and cannot take your dog?

Will you have the patience to accept the trials of puppy hood, which may last the next 18   months?

Are you prepared to invest your time in training the puppy to become a good companion?

Are you aware of the importance of proper socialization and exposure to different environments, people, places and things that comes with the breed?

If you run into any training issues, are you willing to seek the help of a dog training professional?

Are you willing to ensure that this dog has a forever home with you despite what challenges you may face over the lifetime of your dog? 

God forbid if for reasons beyond your control (such as a debilitating disease, accident or death etc. leaving you incapable of caring for this dog), do you have a back up plan for a caretaker of your dog who would be willing to take over the responsibility for caring for your dog, such as a family member or close friend?

Do you agree to notify us if for the reasons listed above, your dog changes ownership to your chosen caretaker. If your caretaker no longer agrees to take over the care, do you agree that we have the right of first refusal to take the dog back to ensure that this dog does not end up in a shelter situation.

Thank you for answering these very important questions. We look forward to communicating with you further, should you wish to speak to us more about our upcoming litter.

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