We have no expected or planned litters at this time. Thank you. 

UPDATE: Please note that all of our puppies are spoken for at this time. Thank you

We are happy to announce that we are expecting a litter of puppies with our black female Bado, for a mid June 2021 litter, which would be ready to go to their new homes in mid-late August. This is the same pairing of Bado with Norik that we had in March of 2020. (you can see information from our last litter below).  

Please note: these are Working Line German Shepherd Dogs. They do require an active lifestyle and a “job to do” to be happy. They are not a sedentary breed of dog. Although working line German Shepherds do make for a great family member, they do require an active family with appropriate time and attention spent in terms of mental stimulation and exercise due to the breeds higher drive and working characteristics. They have a lot of energy that needs to be occupied with mental and physical activities or they will grow restless. Please remember you need to choose your breed of dog based on the characteristics you want, not based on how they look. Please make sure you research the dog breeds you are interested in, so you know if the dog you are going to choose, is a good fit “personality wise” for your family and lifestyle. 

If you have not already done so, please do your research on this breed and of course we are happy to discuss if this breed of dog would suit you, your experience level and your lifestyle. 

There is a link here to our Puppy Questionnaire.. we will send you a copy by email to fill out, should you wish to apply for one of our puppies. 

Deposits will only be accepted by approved families once we have had a chance to review the questionnaire and speak to you further, to ensure that one of our puppies is a good fit for you and your lifestyle. 

If you are interested in this upcoming litter, please send us an email. 

Puppies are priced at $ 3000.00 plus HST. Serious inquiries only. Thank you. 

Below you can see our 2020 litter out of our female Bado sired by Norik.

Norik Bohemia Abakon (Hips and Elbows CZ) DLK 0/0 DKK 0/0 / IGP 3 / DM Clear N/N
Alisvut Von Bendida HD/ED OFA Good/Normal / DM Clear N/N / MDR1 N/N
Bado with her Puppies born March 12, 2020
Bado with her Puppies born March 12, 2020

Thank you for your interest in our dogs. 

We are pleased to announce that we have bred Alisvut Von Bendida “Bado” to Norik Bohemia Abakon “Norik” owned by Wendelin Farm.

We are excited to announce our beautiful litter of 7 puppies (three males / four females) arrived on March 12, 2020. 

These puppies will be suitable for active families and / or sport. Both parents are DM N/N so resulting litter are clear by parentage. Both parents are certified clear Hips and Elbows.

Norik is imported from the Czech Republic and he is all Czech bloodlines. He is a top young stud dog, IGP3 (formerly called IPO3) in Schutzhund, who has lots of drive and willingness for work. He has very good working bloodlines related to Wendelin’s former stud dog Cert on the sire’s side. On Norik’s dam side, he has some old Czech bloodlines that is related to Wendelin’s former foundation stud dog Navar.

Sorry all our puppies have been reserved. 

Thank you 


Below are photos from our past dogs “Nona and Nyla”. Nona was retired at age 5 and lived to a ripe old age of 13 plus years old. 

Nyla was retired due to complications during pregnancy which resulted in her being spayed.

Snow Nyla Brinston's Treasure (Nyla - retired) standing in front of her dam Nona (crossed over rainbow bridge).
Snow Nyla Brinston's Treasure OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, MDR1 N/N, DM A/N

Pictures below are some of the beautiful puppies we have bred here.

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