Our Dogs

Meet our dogs: 

We have beautiful Purebred White Shepherds as well as a lovely Black female German Shepherd who was Imported from Russia.

Our dogs are all Registered with CKC, UKC and our White Shepherds are also Registered with AWSA. 

All of our dogs are certified free of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and are also screened for DM and MDR1.


Mya is our gorgeous female who was imported into Canada from Von Tasz Kennels in the USA. Mya was born December 3 of 2020. She has an impressive pedigree and her breeder Diana, has nothing less than stellar dogs. We are so pleased to have Mya. 

Mya is an active, happy girl who Loves to have a job. She gets excited to go to classes or to get out and show, camp or just go for a car ride. 

 Mya has earned her UKC Championship Title, she is OFA’d Hips Good, Elbows Normal, MDRI N/N and DM N/N. 

Above all this, Mya is my sweet companion that I adore. What could be better than that? 

Alisvut Von Bendida A.K.A. Bado, is our lovely Black   Russian Import German Shepherd Female. Bado is a lovely combination of East DDR working lines on the sire’s side (with some west German working lines further back on the sire’s side) and German Show lines on the dam’s side. Bado is the sweetest tempered girl we could ask for and very clear headed. Bado is very quiet and calm in the house, and she is all play “lots of ball drive” outside when our son wants to play chase or fetch. Bado is sweet natured and very gentle with our son and cats. She is non reactive to other dogs who may bark or come towards her at dog shows, on camping trips etc. and remains confident and calm. You can’t help but fall in love with Bado.

Bado’s sire is Fritz Oger Schloss IP03 and her dam is Ljustikof La Roshel IP01.

Bado is DM N/N. MDRI results are also N/N, and her Hips and Elbows are OFA Certified Good/Normal. 

Bado has had two litters and has since been spayed and retired. Her new title is that of “well loved family member status”. 

UKC CH Furrari’s Tyson of Weisengeist A.K.A. Tyson, was acquired from our dear friend Marion  (Tyson’s breeder) from Furrari Shepherds.

Tyson is a gorgeous male born April of 2017. Tyson has earned his UKC Championship Title, he is OFA’d Hips Good, Elbows Normal, MDRI N/N and DM N/N. We look forward to seeing what Tyson will produce in the future!

See more about Tyson’s Results and Show Photos on our News Page! 

Click on the Weissen Geist News link at the bottom of this page!

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